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World CP Day

I’ve been posting all day over at Seb Can Do on Facebook for World Cerebral Palsy Day. My goal was to put them all into one post to share here. Keeping up on social media is hard! I’m exhausted after a fun day with Tallula and ali’s parents and evening with Sebastian and ali joining us. So I leave you with my last post of the day, my favorite one.


This kid. Sebastian. He woke up tonight, uncomfortable. I picked him up for a good cuddle. With his smile for a yes he answered my questions: is it too loud downstairs and do you want a drink of water? After his drink we sat together and he got his burps out. It’s difficult for him to do on his own since his trunk tone is so low. I held him close and looked at him. ‘I love you Sebastian,’ I said. And he smiled. And I heard it. From his heart to mine. ‘I love you too Mama.’ Thanks for celebrating Sebastian with me today. ‪#‎worldcpday‬ Good night.