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Little Big Sister

This girl loves her big brother very much. And he loves her. Today the first half of his school messages recorded on his switch were for her. (Hi Tallula! I missed you today.) He was so excited to share them. He got tired towards the end so looked over at her as if to let her know she could help (which she always wants to do but he doesn’t always say it’s ok). She was excited to oblige. She came over and helped his hand hit the switch. He said ‘no’ so she hit it on her own and he smiled.

It’s amazing to see their relationship continue to grow and develop and especially through communication. She understand his ‘yes’ and ‘no’ now and regularly asks him questions and watches for his response then tell us.

I’ve been posting anecdotes daily on Seb Can Do FB because it’s quick and little editing is needed. My days have been full up busy and my nights too. (Im taking a writing class again! My in-laws were in town for 3 weeks! Tallula and I have many adventures daily too.) I’m hoping to settle back into my blog again but if you miss us please check in on Seb’s FB page.

Her T-shirt is from 3elove