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Happy Halloween: ‘I am Invited to a Party!’


Sebastian and Tallula wanted to resurrect their Elephant and Piggie costumes from a couple years ago but with a little more zing. So we picked one of their favorite Mo Willems books and dressed Gerald and Piggie accordingly.

In this story Piggie gets invited to a party. Elephant convinces Piggie that he knows parties and they prepare for a fancy dress, pool, and costume party. Although Piggie is skeptical she follows his lead and when they arrive to the party to see their friends swimming in a pool with fancy dress and costumes on. Party! Party! Party!


I wanted to incorporate Sebastian’s wheelchair so I made a car for him with the title of the book as well as a reference to another Mo Willems Elephant and Piggie book: Let’s Go for a Drive. Sebastian chose his super cape for his chair, a vest for fancy dress, and swimming trunks for the pool. Tallula added a few accessories to her pink Piggie which really her main goal was essentially to just be PINK.


Sebastian’s school holds a Halloween parade in the main lobby where teachers, therapists, doctors, etc dress up in full costume and create trick-or-treat stations. We recorded ‘trick-or-treat’ on Seb’s switch and ‘drove’ through the parade with him, securing a bag full of goodies enough for both kids to share.




It rained all day so we opted to stay in, dressed in costume, and greet anyone braving the weather. This included our neighbor friends and a bunch of teenagers that either had heard of Sebastian or heard me say his name. Either way they greeted him and his ‘Happy Halloween’ switch message enthusiastically. One girl even patted his cheek sharing cuteness accolades. We were also lucky to have a couple friends join us for laughs, candy and other such silliness ensued with the ‘Haunted House’ sound effects record playing in the background’.

We had our ramp open while our friends were getting ready to go and a trick-or-treater commented on how nice and easy the ramp made getting up the stairs. For her two walking feet. 😉 I don’t know what we will do next year when Seb will be at a new school and he/we won’t have to benefit of indoor trick-or-treating. Tallula will be big enough to ring the doorbell but Seb can’t make it up the stairs. We know a few of our neighbor’s who would happily greet him outside but the stairs are still an obstacle. However, the biggest obstacle this year remains keeping Tallula from eating any candy before breakfast. Oh, and making sure there is a hole in Seb’s costume so we can reach his g-tube. Last minute ones will suffice.