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Cooper’s Pumpkin Patch and the Big Pumpkin Topple


A week before Halloween we took a short road trip about an hour northeast of Toronto. I found a pumpkin patch online and away we went.

We decided to have lunch there and while we thought we dressed warm it was a bit chilly though the hot chocolate and squash soup helped a bit. We ate quickly at a picnic table partially sheltered from the wind and went exploring. Sebastian had to stay in his wheelchair for most of our outing as it takes about an hour for his milk to pump through and he needs to stay put 30-40mins after to ward off reflux.


I try to plan trips around this to help him be as involved as possible but still feel bad if it seems he will be left out of a fun activity. Like going down a slide or on a swing. So I attached his iPad to his tray so he could take photos of everything, which included Tallula trying out the things he’d get to try out later too. He’s very patient and loves taking photos when he’s not just posing for them.


While Tallula loved the horse swing and combine slide, Sebastian loved the hay ride. There was a ramp to get on with small bumps in it which made it possible for ali to push up and I helped lift him onto the wagon. Cooper’s is a small family run farm so there wasn’t help though I’m sure had we asked we would have gotten it. Laughter ensued at every jostle of Seb’s chair, and there were a lot. Tallula wanted to get off and run back to the slides.


We saw produce, pumpkins, pigs, chickens and goats. All being grown for food. The wagon driver stopped at each one to explain how they take care and prepare whatever it was we were looking at with the end goal being food for others. Sebastian watched a group of boys about his age and I could tell he wanted to befriend them but was happy enough watching their silly shenanigans. No one really paid any attention to us which was kind of lovely to just go about our adventure without needing to be mindful of others stares and inquiries. Though during the big ‘pumpkin topple’ I would have loved some extra hands!


After the wagon ride we walked through the pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins (3 for $10). It was a bit of a challenge with Sebastian’s chair and the uneven ground so we didn’t venture too deep. Seb found a good one right away and I put in on his tray to carry back to the check-out. Tallula found a small one but then decided to look for a bigger one. So ali carried both hers and his once they decided. Tallula has recently been into walking backwards. So, naturally, she was walking backwards and Seb was laughing at her so we decided to walk backwards too. We hit one of those pot holes and Seb’s chair started to topple forward. The weight of the pumpkin on the front of his tray likely added to the pull and I let out a small scream as I held on to the handle with one hand and tried to steady his chair with the other as the pumpkin went rolling. Ali had been carrying two large pumpkins and guiding Tallula so was a bit flustered before dropping everything to reach out just as I pulled Seb’s chair back up, having saved him from a major crash. Sebastian was laughing. My heart was beating out of my chest. The pumpkins all survived but the right paddle switch on Seb’s tray was not so lucky. Luckily it still works without the paddle but will need replacing.


Phew. Never a dull moment.

After that I had no energy for the corn maze and the chill in the wind was picking up. So I went to pay and buy some butter tarts and pumpkin cream-filled cookies and THEN Sebastian got to get out of his chair to try the swing and one of the slides. Even though after the big topple I just wanted to go home. But how can I resist the opportunity to see this grin?


For more photos and a little bit of text, check out Sebastian’s photo story. Created by me using Blurb


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    Baby Gage and mama are doing well. Daddy is tired.


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