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Being a mom really is the best.

Because even on the hard days there are always smiles. Always. At least one. IMG_0465


Tallula has bronchitis. She’s using an inhaler to open up her lungs to breath easier. There is an airflow attachment that covers her face. I was reading the instructions and they show a teddy bear and suggest using one as an example so your small child isn’t afraid of the contraption. Tallula approaches it very seriously and matter of fact. She takes it out of the box. I shake the inhaler and she helps put it into the airflow tube. We place it over her mouth and nose. I spray. We count five breathe for each puff.

She enjoys the routine of taking medicine. She wants more Tylenol for her fever. She sees Sebastian take medicine every day. Three times a day. It’s a very important part of our routine. As much as she wants to help with it we don’t let her. Because it’s medicine. It’s something off limits to her. Except right now. Right now she has her own medicine. Her own routine. Just like her big brother.

There is beauty in figuring these little people out. I’m so thankful I get to. Because there are more happy days than hard ones. Without a doubt.


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