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Firefly Playpak GIVEAWAY

The Playpak GIVEAWAY is now CLOSED. Thank you all for participating. Congratulations to Joy in Australia who will be receiving her new Playpak from Firefly soooon!

Most of you know about our trip to Belfast in March for the Upsee Launch. We’ve really enjoyed being a part of the Firefly Friends community and you’ve also seen some of my guest posts on their blog as well, most recently about Sebastian’s Journey with epilepsy. Today we’ve teamed up again for my first blog GIVEAWAY!

Many of you have already seen the new Playpak online. I wish we would have had something like this when Sebastian was a baby growing into toddlerhood. It would have been fantastic for our lifestyle living in Cairo and travelling to see family in Michigan and Melbourne too. Playpak is THE portable activity kit. Fun therapy at home or on the move.

Playpak Portable Activity Kit_09

Packed with Activities
, this lightweight little bag contains an entire activity centre. Inside you will find rolls, wedges and supports (designed by clinical experts) that stick together in dozens of ways and let your child tackle different developmental postures.

Playpak Portable Activity Kit_11

Playpak also comes with a handy online therapy programme, featuring advice and easy-to-use instructions that show you how to use each clever little piece to create different sitting and lying positions, as well as how to perform all the recommended developmental games with your child.

Playpak Portable Activity Kit_05

: Your Playpak is light, handy and can go anywhere. Grab it when you head to Gran’s house and your little one can happily play, learn and get stronger while the grown-ups catch-up. Or to a birthday party so junior gets great therapy and misses none of the action. Or hang it on the stroller and head to the park for impromptu therapy with a picnic. You’ll want to take it everywhere – and you can.

Playpak Portable Activity Kit_02

You’ll find it easy to store at home too. Just hang it on a coat hook, in a corner or in the wardrobe – it’s durable enough to take a little bit of squishing, squashing and bashing. Playpak is also more than just practical, it looks great too. It definitely doesn’t look like therapy equipment, and won’t attract any sideways glances!

Features and Benefits
• Lightweight, foldable bag/mat design
• Easily adjustable shoulder strap
• Five handy storage pockets
• Five colourful postural support elements
• Non-slip grip on base of bag
• Stylish, fun and easy to use
• Durable, machine washable materials
• Colourful loops for attaching favourite toys
• Super sticky Velcro strips for added stability
• Soft Velcro cloud

Therapist friendly
You already know how important therapy is in your child’s early years, but sometimes finding the time can be a challenge. Playpak gives you and your family the chance to make every day count. Every spare moment becomes a chance for great fun and great therapy. That is what we call quality time.
Playpak lets you play a bigger part in your child’s therapy too, and that matters a lot. Research shows early intervention programmes that allow therapists and parents to work together, like Playpak does, make a bigger impact on a child’s development.
The Playpak online guide will show you how to ‘mix and match’ Playpak components in three key therapeutic positions, which form the basis for later abilities – back lying, tummy lying and floor sitting.

Playpak Portable Activity Kit_01

Meet the Taylors: I had the opportunity to meet this lovely family at the Upsee launch last March. I am so happy to see their daughter, Charlotte, getting so much use out of the Playpak while having fun and also being near to her brother so they can play together.  Julie and Cam have been using Playpak with their daughter Charlotte for some time now. Playpak has opened up lots of new opportunities for the Taylor family, and activities from the online therapy guide have become an essential part of their daily therapy routine. You can listen to Julie talk through the various activities she does with Charlotte below, as part of the Guide.

Back lying Tummy lying Floor sitting

Playpak Portable Activity Kit_04

One of these can be yours! Enter the GIVEAWAY by this Friday, December 12 at midnight. Winner will be announced Monday, December 15. Your new Playpak will ship to you directly from Firefly.

Playpak Rafflecopter Giveaway

I’m having trouble getting the widget to imbed, but click the link and it will take you to the entry page. There are three possibilities and you can enter using all three if you’d like!

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