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Sigh. Breathe deep. And repeat. 

This week has been really hard. Like many weeks the calendar was full of our regular routines like hippotherapy, swimming, and music (which we had to cancel this week since Seb was still recovering from the early part of the week). On top of that there was dental work under general anesthetic for Sebastian (which was tough), his SEPRC meeting (also tough in a different way), and an evening reunion for students who graduated from his school last year (a positive evening, though long). Sebastian’s school goes to grade 1 only so this year the translation process started in January and got pretty intense this week!

I took a long bath last night with a few candles and lots of bubbles. Scribbled on the walls of the tub were imaginings of Tallula and maybe Sebastian, created by their dad at bath time. Tallula asked him to draw monsters. And hearts. We have a lot of bath paints and crayons. Normally I read or listen to music. Last night I just buried myself beneath the bubbles and breathed. Deeply. And let my breath go. Repeat. It felt good. Then I took those paints and markers and created my own monsters, the fun, colorful, goofy kind. And Tallula was so excited this morning that she sat in the empty tub to talk to them. 

Sometimes life keeps me so busy and I struggle to find the time to write or sew. They help me clear my mind and let my creative juices flow. I try to remind myself that I’m doing little creative things every day. From the stories I make up for my kids to the way I decorate their rooms or re-pot the plants. 

It really is the little things. And the reminder that what I did today was ENOUGH. 

There will always be more. But I am just one person. And today Tallula and I took it slow. We stopped to breath in. And breath out. Big, deep, belly breaths. We read books in her book reading fort. We hung up one of her pieces of artwork in her room. We played with toys. We visited a good friend and her son. I made dinner while she napped. And waited for Sebastian to get home. And that was enough.

My grandpa would’ve been 82 today so that was hard. So I thought of him too. Quietly. 

We made it through the week and we came out smiling in the end. 




3 thoughts on “Sigh. Breathe deep. And repeat. ”

  1. Awesome, thanks for sharing……….After the rain – there is *always *a rainbow. I love you guys.


  2. Hello Kara, hope the sunny weekend contributed to make you feel better. Sorry to hear about your hard week…but the writing that came out of it is rather powerful. Beautiful thoughts. Thank you.


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