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Biker Grrl. 

  I rode my bike to the chiropractor this morning wearing my husband’s helmet because I haven’t had time to buy my own. The sun was shining and the air was cool. I choose my favourite side street and felt freedom as I peddled down the quiet street. The buds are bursting bright green in the trees and there is life everywhere. Families walking with their babies. Kids on bikes. Playing outside. Sitting on porches and patios. And me. Biking by myself. 

My back went out a month or so ago. A pain which stopped me for brief moments then passed. I had to cancel and reschedule several chiropractor appointments as we had to travel to Michigan a couple of times to say goodbye to my grandpa. Everyone says ‘you’ve got to take care of you’ but sometimes it takes something happening to do the trick. And the reminder that I am a carer. I take care of Seb and I need to always be able to do so. 

When I finally went last weekend I was surprised that acupuncture was involved. After an initial assessment and treatment I went back to my csr, sat behind the wheel and cried. I’ve heard acupuncture does that to you too. So does life. 

The best part of these appointments is that they are right by the water. I love being near the lake and today I road along the path with the crystal blue waters to my left while chatting with a good friend on my right. This bike stuff is liberating!

There is often a rainbow after the rain and this week was no exception. I had the pure joy of seeing my favourite music artist Sufjan Stevens play at Massey Hall, this time with Ali and not on my own, and then we celebrated an early birthday/wish celebration for Sebastian with a couple of good family friends. 

Sebastian has been granted a wish by the Sunshine Foundation. He will be celebrating his 7th birthday next week with Winter the dolphin from Dolphin Tale. So we opened up a big box of goodies Thursday for the trip. And what is a party without cupcakes and candles?!  

We had a good week. And the sunshine definitely helped. So does the bit where I take the time to take care of me too.  (Even though I’m thinking ‘ooh these stretches would be good for Sebastian’s hips’ or ‘I can’t wait to bike with Tallula near the beach.’)  



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  1. Happy birthday, Seb. Can’t wait to hear about your big family adventure with Winter the dolphin.


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