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Snapshot: Doors Open 2015

Fire House #217: who doesn’t love a chance to ‘drive’ a fire truck, try on a mask, and slide down the pole?


TRC Yard Greenwood: thanks to the staff that made it possible for us to enjoy the train experience. Once we said the chariot was Seb’s wheelchair (since we biked we didn’t have his Red Racer) there were no problems accommodating us.     

TTC Greenwood Shop: there were volunteers at every station that were experts eager to share a bit of their knowledge and how their job fits in with all the rest.     

Redpath Sugar Factory: Thanks to the woman who let us in when we arrived TWO minutes after last entry time after having bikes all the way there (8.5+kms). Everything was very accessible. The museum was a bit crowded so we rushed through to enjoy the real treasure: mountains of raw sugar!!!       Yes. That’s sugar.     

Sugar Beach. Not quite the same as Clearwater. Tallula was disappointed to discover she couldn’t be buried in this sand. (It’s black dirt under the layer of light coloured sand).