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Switch Dice

Back in January (yes, January!) I received a switch dice (adapted for Sebastian’s tray switches) from Excitim Special Needs Toys, the same folks that adapted Sebastian’s Rally Racer toy. They asked us to test it out. We love board games (and card games!) and were immediately on ‘board’ with the trial. We chose Dr. Suess’ ABC game for our first run.      We attached the switch dice via cord to Seb’s paddle switches. It can be connected to any switch you have, you just need the 3.5mm connector cord. There are 6 red LED lights which scramble and stop to light up a specific number, like dice do. We set it on the tray so Sebastian could see it too and so we could count together. Turn taking became independent for Sebastian!   
  He could now tell us how many spaces to move. He loves playing board games but by having the switch he could anticipate his turn with meaning. Tallula wanted to check it out too.          We could also watch him as he rolled the dice anticipating his next move would be. It’s portable too so we can take it when travelling or visiting friends. 

Specs: Cost £58.80 (approx $110CAD)  Turn it on by plugging in a switch – any 3.5mm switch works. 3 AAA batteries included. Switch not included. 

I really like working with Excitim LTD for switch adapted toys. I find they have the best selection of toys across the ages. They are currently searching for a vendor in the U.S. and Canada, which would cut the costs of shipping and duty (we didn’t have duty to pay for this parcel). Suggestions welcome! Please contact Mike at Special Needs Toys if you have someone in mind. I would love to see this happen as the switch toys available in Canada are not really age appropriate which is how my search took me elsewhere. 

We use our switch dice every time we play a board game. Sebastian loves being in charge of is turn. Thanks Excitim. 








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