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June 9 will always be my brother’s birthday. 

But he will never be older than 15. Josh would be 34 today. 

When we were in Michigan in May we had a little pow wow at the cemetery. It felt good. 


Coincidence that I received an email last week from Bands in Town about a Bone Thugs and Harmony show in September at the music hall near us?

I’ll never know how much Josh would tease me for marrying someone his age. I’ll never see him hug my children like my brother Bill (and when we see him, Jake) does. I’ll never know if we would talk often or not a lot. But I’ll always have the memories of our childhood and I write them down to keep them close to me. 

Remember when he had a dream that he was flying to the kitchen to get a midnight snack and he fell of his bunk bed in the middle of the night? Hitting his chin and landing a few stitches. 

Remember how he used to spend time playing with make so jake wouldn’t bother me when I was painting?

Remember when he rode with me late one night to pick up Bill when his (Bill’s) car was broken down and when we got back to mom’s we all laid on the pull out couch and watched the film Powder together?

And every year on June 9th, I’ll have a treat to celebrate. And this year I have Tallula to sing ‘We Built this City’ (Starship) which I know he’d get a kick out of. 

Happy day to you brother. In my thoughts.