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Father’s Day

A belated post for a man to be celebrated all year round. We love you!

Dear Papa-Daddy,

 Remember when we decided to call you Papa-daddy? Sebastian was a baby. We were living in Egypt. We were learning about how babies learn to talk. We thought maybe the ‘p’ sound might be easier for Sebastian. We were so hopeful. 

Remember when Tallula first called you ‘Dad’ instead of ‘daddy’? Did you think it sounded so old, like a mini-grown up? Could you believe the ease in which the words rolled off her tongue and out of her mouth into our hearts? 

Today we celebrated you. Papa-daddy. Dad. Daddy. And you took us on a grand adventure. An epic bike ride along the waterfront.  Stopping for lunch by the water. Then weaving around and along the lakeshore. All the way to the other side of the city! My biggest bike ride yet. We celebrated with a play in the park and ice cream from the Ice Cream Truck. It was a hot one!

So hot that on the way home, along the waterfront, we made one last stop for a drink of water and decided to stay and get wet in a splash pad. The kids had the best time ever. And I know you had a lot of fun too. 

I thought I’d need you to push me up that last hill on the way home. Then I got my second wind and my confidence stepped up and I navigated behind you on one of the busier streets. You pulled our kids and our picnic pack up hills and around corners effortlessly. You are amazing. I’ve tried it a couple times, attaching the chariot to my bike and. It. Is. Tough. I was exhausted.  

You help me do a lot of tough things. Parenting is challenging. I wouldn’t want to do it without you. You make us all laugh when we don’t know if we can. While we have dance parties to de-stress while waiting for you to come home from work, you walk in and it’s like the dance party has arrived. You listen. You hug. You love.  

You are the best.  

Happy Father’s Day to Sebastian and Tallula’s Papa-Daddy. 




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    1. Thanks Louise! It’s a double chariot with the bike attachment for bike rides so both kids fit in. I’ll have to check about the weight but it’s fairly good since it can hold both kids. We also use the GoToSeat from Firefly Leckey to secure him. We didn’t at first but find it helps keep him up a bit straighter.


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