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Throwback Thursday: Post 1000

So this is here it all began…Free As Trees. Blogging. 11 years ago this month. 

The rest of the post.

This was my first real blog post. 11.5 years ago I met a boy who encouraged me to write my thoughts on the inter webs. Before digital cameras were the norm and photos were developed on film then scanned onto CDs, then uploaded to flicker to finally post on my blog. In the early days my words were the only photographs. I was so young! This is a little glimpse into that life before this current one. I journaled across the screen. Thoughts and ideas. Places and art. Poetry and stories. 

To commemorate my 1000th post I flashback to the early days. And the younger us. Married 9 years this upcoming Monday. 

Kathmandu, Nepal. We travelled on to McLeoud Ganj from there. I didn’t meet the Dalai Lama. But I was naive enough that I thought it was possible. Because then, anything was. And sometimes it still feels like it is. Especially with this guy next to me. 

Onward to the next 1000!  


2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Post 1000”

  1. That’s fab Kara. Just reading your blog on India makes me want to ‘up sticks’ and travel again. Of course feeling like this on second week back at school where the peace you describe somehow eludes me with mountain of work ahead !!!!! Anyhow, always feel I must count my blessings and there are many. Happy Anniversary and happy blogging. There’s definitely a ‘novel’ in there somewhere. Take good care. Love Paula

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    1. Thanks so much Paula. So great to hear from you. I hope the school year has started off well and that you have a trip planned for a new adventure soon enough! I hope there’s a novel in there! I’m certainly going to try. ❤️


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