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The New GoTo Seat has Arrived!

The verdict is in…we love it!

First, we tried it with the new floor sitter attachment in the basement play area. Tallula often wants to play with Sebastian downstairs (no ramp down for his wheelchair, even though Tallula tried to invent one)! Instead, Ali or I have to hold Sebastian so his playtime is less independent. The GoTo Seat changes that. Sebastian can sit in the seat on the floor with the new floor sitter attachment and play independently with Tallula. He even used his foot to press the button to race his cars! The options are endless, from jamming on the ukele to puppet shows!  The advanced head rest sculpts beneath the base of his head, giving him some extra head/neck support, which Sebastian needs as well. There is also an option to have the sit more upright or tilted slightly back, which is what we use for Sebastian to help support his lack of head control when he’s tired. Both are just as engaging.

We currently use the original GoTo Seat for the Chariot bike trailer so we were excited to try out the new and improved version, especially since Sebastian is outgrowing the original. The new one offers excellent padded side support to help keep him snug and upright, which Tallula appreciates as she’s not a fan when he leans over inter ‘her’ space. Ah, sibling rivalry. The head rest is also adjustable, so it can be moved up or down depending on the growth. Sebastian has the size 2, which covers ages 3-8. While Sebastian is 7, he’s small for his age so I know that this seat will last us well beyond that time period.While the seat was a perfect fit without his helmet – great for family walks – the sculpted padding did not work well for him when he was wearing his bike helmet, which we need for family bike rides. The extra padding pushed his head forward. I think if we switch the headrest for the standard which has less padding and a contoured shape, it would work perfectly. The beauty is that the head rests are removable so this could be an option. Another plus is when we stop at a cafe for lunch while out and about, we can just remove the seat from the Chariot and attach it to a cafe chair! The floor sitter is also compact enough to travel with the GoTo Seat for playdates, etc. too!

The new GoTo Seat continues what the original started, full family participation. We really love how much fun the kids can have together for play time and how we can be nearby to help but Sebastian can sit independently to play with his sister. It’s also an excellent stretch for his legs and hips. The new seat can still sit in grocery carts, but for Sebastian’s age and size, it’s not recommended (over 13 kilos). He also prefers his wheelchair for such outings. We also have a couple more summers in the Chariot for family bike trips so once we get the standard head rest, that will be a huge help as well.

We were provided a GoTo Seat to review. Retail price is $469 with the optional floor sitter accessory at $129. Sebastian is starting to age out of the seat as he prefers being in his Red Racer wheelchair for most independent activity so the floor sitter accessory is a must have for us so he can now play on all levels of our home more independently. A huge bonus is the stretch it gives his legs when his sitting on the floor as well. The interaction with his sister at this age, priceless!  All opinions my own.


New colour combinations! Two new sizes, 1 (ages1-3) & 2 (ages 3-8).


More information on the Firefly GoTo Seat AND enter to win one of your very own!