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Happy Halloween

For my Woody and Doc McStuffins. You made today perfect. From spending the morning carving pumpkins to getting all the candy ready to pass out; to photos on the porch to Trick-or-Treating.  Let’s not forget your request and love of the costumes I created just for you!   
 I am skeptical of people sometimes. I can’t count on them to include Sebastian like we do, so I had set out only planning to visit our closest (3) neighbors. We ended up stopping at every house on our one way street. With Tallula leading the way, bounding up the stairs, ‘Come on, Mama.’ And Sebastian smiling behind with his dad holding out his switch to say things that Woody would say, like ‘Yee-Haw! Giddyup, partner, we gotta get this wagon train a’movin’! And ‘I’d like to join your posse, boys, but first I’m gonna sing a little song .’ Every house had stairs so even though I really didn’t want to do it I couldn’t stop Tallula. And for that I’m thankful. I’m thankful for her open heart and her thoughtfulness and belief that others will be good. Why wouldn’t people see her brother and give him candy too? And they did. Some of them came down the steps to see him and others made sure she got extra to help fill his pumpkin. He had so much fun. They both did. 

  And now for costume photos!  
 It’s hard to trust that people will embrace us. But tonight they did.