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Bunny Hugs and Pumpkins

We are still here! A lot of things have been keeping us busy and our minds occupied. A new school year. Two new schools, ironically neither the one we live across the street from. I’ll probably be bitter about that until we move. Which we will. Eventually. I’ve also been taking a weekly writing class in the evening AND I started a big project for NaNoWriMo! As always, we are enjoying life amidst the obstacles and challenges. Here’s proof! Photos from Forsythe Family Farms in Uxbridge a couple Sundays ago. Harvest Festival, picking pumpkins, a wagon ride into an enchanted Fairytale forest, slides and bike rides, hot cider…and watching fresh cider be pressed! An extremely friendly and accommodating place. We will be back! Happy Wednesday.  


3 thoughts on “Bunny Hugs and Pumpkins”

  1. Hey Kara! Love your blog!! Very beautiful and moving content. Just wondering if you’re still up for a writing get together sometime soon? Hope all is well 🙂


    1. Hi Beverly! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kid words. I’m glad we can keep in touch and meet for a writing session. I’ll email you so we can pick a good day/night, time, and place.


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