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Day 3 in Hospital

Well, I guess the ER nurse was right. It’s going to be the 23rd or the 24th before Seb comes home. But talking to him this morning on FaceTime I was greeted by a lot of smiles and vocalizations (talking). He’s doing much better and looking forward to reading his Dragon Masters chapter book with his dad today. They had a good sleep last night. Seb was able to sleep from about 9pm until 7am when they came in to start his meds. He had to have a new IV put in last night so got to sleep a bit later than usual. I was pretty adamant about him getting sleep to avoid seizures so I’m glad they didn’t interrupt his sleep too much. 

Unfortunately on the ride home from the hospital last night Tallula vomitted. She said ‘My tummy hurts,’ got sick, then said ‘I need to change my clothes! And take a shower!’ She woke in the night vomitting throughout as well. (No sleep for Mama! Luckily I crashed at 9!). This morning she’s thirsty and no tummy ache. She went to the doctor with Ali yesterday for her cough and sore ears. They said to monitor for a couple days before giving her antibiotics. They also said to give her Tylenol. I missed that memo. I’m hoping her vomitting is a reaction to her ear infection and not a gastro virus. We still don’t know what caused Seb’s vomitting and I wouldn’t want him to come home and get sick again. 

Coming home: Seb needs to tolerate his full Gtube feeds today and meds in order to come home. Also some food by mouth. It sounds like he will spend another day in the hospital but I’m really hoping he comes home by the end of the day so he doesn’t have another sleep in hospital tonight. I can’t take Tallula to the hospital regardless so we are trying to sort everything with Ali being there without relief from me. We have some volunteers already helping us with this. 

Thanks so much for everyone’s prayers, kind words and support. We are so very blessed by a caring community of friends and family. 



2 thoughts on “Day 3 in Hospital”

  1. I’m so very sorry to hear Sebastian is in the hospital! Thinking of you all… I will keep your family in my prayers and hope Sebastian and Tallula will be feeling better in time to enjoy a wonderful Christmas!


  2. My heart and payers are with u all, glad to know that Seb is doing better. Praying for a speedy recovery for both Seb and Tallula. May you have a blessed Christmas. Greetings from Egypt.


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