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Upsee Therapy Programme and Webinar!


I was thrilled to learn about the launch of the Upsee therapy Programme. With Sebastian at school full time and weekends spent having fun as a family, we find little time to ensure he also receives therapy. During the summer months he spends time outside in his walker and on his bike but those options aren’t available during the winter months. While he does have All Abilities Soccer on Sunday afternoons this winter (and last), I still worry whether his body is getting the movement he needs. We now have a stander at home and he does get time in his equipment at school (including his walker and now a bike) on a rotary basis but I want his body moving in independent ways too. I also want to know that what we are doing is helping his body and without consistent input from a therapist, that can be challenging. We do have access to consultative therapists at school, but it’s not the same as one-on-one work during a certain time each week. While the Upsee therapy programme doesn’t replace that input a therapist can provide, it does give me guidance in how I can use his Upsee to incorporate that movement and therapy that I want to, into our weekend adventures.

The Upsee gives him the freedom to initiate movement with our support, while easily exploring the world around him. We now keep it in the car so we can take it with us wherever we go, which is not possible to do with his walker. Our vehicle is not accessible or large enough to take his additional equipment with us when we are out and about exploring. Having the Upsee along with his wheelchair makes a day out even more fun and allows him to access his environment and activities in different ways.

The Upsee Therapy Programme booklet is now available to download for free, or to purchase from the Accessories section of the Firefly Friends website. Booklets will also be included with all new Upsee orders.

This downloadable guide helps you choose activities, set goals and map developmental progress of your child using the Upsee. It guides you through a series of Mobility, Ability and Participation goals and activities. Each one is carefully mapped and selected by Firefly’s & Leckey’s expert team, who modeled the programme on the World Health Organisation’s ICF-CY framework.

Firefly will be hosting the Upsee Therapy Programme Webinar  Thursday 18th February at 6.00-6.30pm GMT (1.00-1.30 EST). It will be hosted by Firefly & Leckey’s Clinical Research Manager, Clare Canale, along with Claire Smyth, Firefly’s Digital Community Manager and special needs parent. Claire has used the Upsee with her son Daniel for three years and is working with Clare Canale on documenting his progress following Upsee use.

This webinar will give you the chance to ask their experienced team members any questions you have regarding the Upsee and the Upsee Therapy Programme, as well as giving you more confidence and motivation to use the Upsee.

 If you would like to learn more about the Upsee and its potential benefits, register here for the webinar.

Hope to see you there!




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  1. So I wanted to thank you for posting this last month. I’m a school PT and have been desperately trying to find a solution for a particular student I see. I watched the webinar that day and was sold! I recently received the Upsee and went to use it…but the student was absent. Lol I’m looking forward to coming back from spring break so I can finally try it out. Thanks again!


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