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On Politics

  I woke this morning from a bad dream. I’ve been having them the past few nights. Sometimes apocalyptic in nature. Sometimes subconscious anxieties. This morning the election in the US was on my mind. While today is International Women’s Day it is also the primary in Michigan. I felt like I needed to put something out there. 

Michiganders: today you vote in primaries. I have seen a lot of articles and memes lately with

Donald Trump mocking those with disabilities; in addition, we all know his rhetoric re immigrants/refugees. 

Trump supporters are not supporters of my family. There are a lot of things about our family that he doesn’t like. Our son has a disability. Our son and daughter were not born in the US (though they are US citizens through me). My husband is not from the US. He has to get a visa each time we cross the border. We actively support bringing Syrian refugees over to Canada (and elsewhere). We support programs that create equal opportunity, education, and health care for those with disabilities and without. And we believe women should be paid equal and sometimes more than their male counterparts. We also believe in a woman’s right to choose. 

At first I was afraid at the Trump following. Now I’m afraid and sad. I’m sad because there are so many people that believe it is ok to marginalize and bully people with disabilities, as well as based on race and gender. I’m sad that there are so many people that would not welcome our family in a place a part of me will always call home. 
Trump supporters are not Sebastian supporters. Or Tallula supporters. Or Ali supporters. Or my supporters. 

I ask you to think about this when you decide not only who you want to run the country but also the kind of place you call home. I want my children to grow up in a place that welcomes people from all backgrounds and celebrates their differences. What about you?


2 thoughts on “On Politics”

  1. Thank you for all of this. I see parents of kids with disabilities (including those adopted from other countries) supporting Trump and it baffles and saddens me. How can you look at your kid and hear what Trump says and still vote for him. It baffles and terrifies me.


    1. Me too! I can’t believe we are getting even closer to such a future. Pray it ain’t so. Thanks for your comment.


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