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Take off and landing. 

Feeling nervous about flying with Ali and without the kids for the first time. Ever. Just going from Melbourne to Sydney for an early anniversary (10 years!) overnight but it still feels a bit scary. Also having left after they went to sleep last night to stay out closer to the airport at a family friends; I keep imagining them waking up for us and realizing we aren’t there. Remembering we will be gone for two bedtimes. They are in their Granny and Pop’s care which I know is good but I can’t shake the anxiety. 

Outside the plane window is a faint horizon as the sun hasn’t come up just yet. Still under a blanket of stars we head down the runway into what looks like the outback to a North American girl such as myself. The plane picks up speed and I link arms with Ali for a fairly smooth take off. I always feel a bit of a rush during take off. I’m usually bracing myself a bit more for landing though the biggest rush comes when you step off the plane to somewhere new or even return to someone’s arms. 

The seatbelt sign dings off and the lights of towns below glow in the early morning hours. To maximize time we got a 6am flight and will depart around the same time tomorrow evening, arriving home just after the kids are asleep. Having left last night while they slept, I will admit I’m already looking forward to kissing their sweet cheeks when we get home. 

But Sydney awaits! Sunshine, sea, and shopping! Good eats and drinks, maybe even some live music and dancing. Who’s to know but as we are heading into the next 10 years together we are excited to find out all that lies ahead. While I know we will feel a bit rejuvenated when we come out on the other side; feeling like a twenty something, newly in love again is the best part.