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Making a Splash…

…with the new Splashy, by Firefly.

We were super excited to receive the new bath seat, the Splashy for Sebastian to try out. Sebastian chose green (one of his favourite colours) and that’s all we knew about the product until it arrived in the post.

Easy to assemble, just a few pieces to click into place and two small bags filled with the accessories; a 5-point harness (adjustable), and  four soft, oblong pads for further support as needed. The seat has holes throughout to enable you to chose the style and sizing that works best for your child and their needs. The cut out handle on back provides an easy way to move the seat. There are four suction cups on bottom which are sturdy but very easy to unattached from tub.

The product itself is easy to wipe down and clean with plastic straps for adjusting. They were easy to tighten and a bit harder to loosen, which makes it safe and supportive if you have a child that wiggles or moves a lot. I found it easy to move pieces around even with Sebastian in the seat to adjust supports as needed. We tried one of the supports behind his head and then moved it to the side to offer support when he is tired or leans to the side, as he does. Once the 5-point harness was adjusted to support the chest area, rather than the waist as we first tried, there was more comfort and support for Sebastian. The seat smoothly reclines back for relaxing or for kids with less head control. Even though Sebastian struggles with head control, especially at the end of the day, he preferred to have the seat more upright to interact with us.

We tried the seat with clothes on outside of the tub to make sure it was the perfect fit and made the necessary adjustments. Once in the tub, it’s easy to strap him into place. We put one of the supports near the base of the 5-point harness to keep his bum from moving forward and pushing onto the hardness strap. It is difficult to get to his body for washing unless unhooking straps at intervals as we had his shoulder straps tight enough to keep him from moving forward, as by the end of the day he’s quite tired so his upper body control is not as strong. We did try the recline while he was in the chair in the tub since he was tired and found it was easy to recline with him in it. But watch out as the harness tightens as the back of the seat goes into the recline, which can be a close call for the pelvis area if it’s been adjusted in the upright position first.

The real test was to ask Sebastian what he thought about his new Splashy. As you can see, he was all smiles. He thinks it’s comfortable (the seat is soft but not cushiony) and he likes sitting secure and upright. But at the end of a long day there isn’t the head support he needs so we had to work to help him keep his head up quite a bit.

We have a jacuzzi tub so the base of the seat in the back takes up a lot of unused space. Sebastian’s feet rested against the side of the tub so I’m not sure someone much bigger than him would still fit in it in the tub. I’m curious how it would fit with him in a typical sized tub.

We are headed out on a road trip at the end of the week and are really looking forward to traveling with the Splashy; it folds flat, is light and compact. We plan to have the opportunity to try it out in the sand so Sebastian can dip his toes in the water and also play with his sister. We usually have to hold him in our lap for beach outings (sand is not wheelchair accessible!)  and he uses an inflated neck ring to swim. It will be fantastic to see if the Splashy could be a staple in future beach outings as well as for quick baths in tubs while travelling.

Overall, I think this is a great new product from Firefly. It promotes inclusion as Sebastian can easily interact during bath time. I believe it will provide opportunity for this in a beach setting as well. With its light weight and ability to fold flat, it’s easy to store (and clean!) and  great for travel.

Updated March 20th: We love the bright colours and ease of use and storage with the Splashy. We recently took a road trip and it folded down easily to take on the road. Once we used it, it dried quickly for packing up to take to our next destination. Staying in hotel rooms that aren’t always accessible means that bathing can be very challenging. With the Splashy we can have the choice of a bath or even the shower, when a roll in shower is accessible. Having the Splashy for travel made a huge difference. We won’t leave home without it again.



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  1. Hi Sebastian,
    Love your new seat, but you seem to be growing at such a fast rate you may be to big for it when we come to see you.
    Enjoy, lots of love poppy


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