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This is the Point

The point is that this is life. This is love, and sex, and parenthood. These are relationships and this is communication, stilted and awkward as those two both can be. This is taking time to listen, and going slowly. These are four people circumnavigating disability. Two lovers, both with cerebral palsy, and the pregnant mother… Continue reading This is the Point

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'The Journey in the Destination' — Dan Eldon I have had that quote as my email signature for years. My first email password was journies, spelled incorrectly (don't worry, I don't use that anymore!). I first read Dan Eldon’s journal while still in college, just 3 or 4 years after he had died. It inspired… Continue reading Journeys

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On Politics

  I woke this morning from a bad dream. I've been having them the past few nights. Sometimes apocalyptic in nature. Sometimes subconscious anxieties. This morning the election in the US was on my mind. While today is International Women's Day it is also the primary in Michigan. I felt like I needed to put something… Continue reading On Politics

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Not Okay

A friend asked me how I was doing today. Everything's good? Everything's okay? She said. I smiled. Yeah. We are good.  But things are not okay.  It's not okay that the school system is so broken. That it's overcrowded and the programs created to support our kids are spilling over in numbers without the proper… Continue reading Not Okay

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Change is possible.

This post is for all of us with kids/adults with disabilities in our lives. You could be a mother. A father. A sibling. A friend. A grandparent. An aunt or uncle. A cousin. A respite worker. A teacher. A therapist. Anyone. Everyone. This post is for you! If you could change 10 things that would… Continue reading Change is possible.

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Throwback Thursday: Meeting Eve

This post was first written on May 13. Then I forgot about it before revisiting until now. I took Tallula to meet one of my heroes tonight. We sat as close as possible on the end of the row on the left side. I nursed her while waiting for our friend to join us. It… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Meeting Eve