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Wordless Wednesday: Sunday at the ROM


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Throwback Thursday: The Heidelberg Project

In December we took the kids and our nephew Logan to The Heidelberg Project in Detroit. Every time I visit Detroit it feels smaller. But this street feels so big. So welcoming. I watched from the car as the boys - Ali, Logan, and Seb - went through snapping photos while I nursed Tallula. Then… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: The Heidelberg Project

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Making Valentines

Sebastian's teacher recently showed me a photo of him standing in his stander at school, pushing a truck with a marker attached to the end of it. One of the student volunteers had rigged it up. Brilliant idea. So to finish up his class Valentines, I created something similar. I chose three cars and he… Continue reading Making Valentines

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The Tate Modern (and Getting There)

I couldn't wait to take Sebastian to the Tate. There are two things I love about London: the museums and the markets; ok, there are more than two things, but these rank at the top of my list. Last winter we discovered that Sebastian liked modern art when we took him to the Chagall exhibit… Continue reading The Tate Modern (and Getting There)