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   I did it. On November 1st I embarked on a writing adventure unlike anything I've done before. I took the pledge to write 50,000 words in one month. I took this photo a moment after I validated my novel online and I cried. The feeling of accomplishment washed over me. I won! I want… Continue reading NaNoWriMo2015

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Club Members Only

On Thursday night Ali took me to the world premier of Demoltion as the opening night film for TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival). As an anniversary gift he also got a ticket plus 1 to the after party. It was a great film. I am a fan of the director's other work (Cafe de Fleur… Continue reading Club Members Only

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Throwback Thursday: Meeting Eve

This post was first written on May 13. Then I forgot about it before revisiting until now. I took Tallula to meet one of my heroes tonight. We sat as close as possible on the end of the row on the left side. I nursed her while waiting for our friend to join us. It… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Meeting Eve