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Wordless Wednesday: Skates!

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Happy New Year 2016!

We had an epic dance party, complete with confetti and party hats. After our 'special' dinner we put on all of our favourite, danceable songs. Starting with Shut Up and Dance with Me. The kids were asleep by 8.30. They had a blast but have still been exhausted, both getting over 'Round 2: Coughs for… Continue reading Happy New Year 2016!

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Tis the Season

    A little over 3 weeks ago Sebastian came down with a cough. Tallula had  just gotten  over her own cough after three weeks. Then came the chest congestion for Sebastian and because of his low tone, he cannot cough out phlegm like Tallula can.  So it sort of rattles there and sounds absolutely awful… Continue reading Tis the Season

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Bunny Hugs and Pumpkins

We are still here! A lot of things have been keeping us busy and our minds occupied. A new school year. Two new schools, ironically neither the one we live across the street from. I'll probably be bitter about that until we move. Which we will. Eventually. I've also been taking a weekly writing class… Continue reading Bunny Hugs and Pumpkins

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Keep Fighting

   I met a 52 year old woman today. She introduced herself to me after I made sure she had enough space to see the musicians at the Day of the Dead celebrations at Evergreen Brickworks. We had biked there so had the double chariot which is kind of a monster in small spaces. I… Continue reading Keep Fighting

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Happy Halloween

For my Woody and Doc McStuffins. You made today perfect. From spending the morning carving pumpkins to getting all the candy ready to pass out; to photos on the porch to Trick-or-Treating.  Let's not forget your request and love of the costumes I created just for you!     I am skeptical of people sometimes. I… Continue reading Happy Halloween