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This is the Point

The point is that this is life. This is love, and sex, and parenthood. These are relationships and this is communication, stilted and awkward as those two both can be. This is taking time to listen, and going slowly. These are four people circumnavigating disability. Two lovers, both with cerebral palsy, and the pregnant mother… Continue reading This is the Point

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Throwback Thursday: Post 1000

So this is here it all began...Free As Trees. Blogging. 11 years ago this month.     The rest of the post. This was my first real blog post. 11.5 years ago I met a boy who encouraged me to write my thoughts on the inter webs. Before digital cameras were the norm and photos were developed on… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Post 1000

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Sigh. Breathe deep. And repeat. 

This week has been really hard. Like many weeks the calendar was full of our regular routines like hippotherapy, swimming, and music (which we had to cancel this week since Seb was still recovering from the early part of the week). On top of that there was dental work under general anesthetic for Sebastian (which… Continue reading Sigh. Breathe deep. And repeat. 

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Throwback Thursday: The Heidelberg Project

In December we took the kids and our nephew Logan to The Heidelberg Project in Detroit. Every time I visit Detroit it feels smaller. But this street feels so big. So welcoming. I watched from the car as the boys - Ali, Logan, and Seb - went through snapping photos while I nursed Tallula. Then… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: The Heidelberg Project