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Happy New Year 2016!

We had an epic dance party, complete with confetti and party hats. After our 'special' dinner we put on all of our favourite, danceable songs. Starting with Shut Up and Dance with Me. The kids were asleep by 8.30. They had a blast but have still been exhausted, both getting over 'Round 2: Coughs for… Continue reading Happy New Year 2016!

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Thank You

It has been a rough holiday season. But it has also been one filled with happiness and love too. When we were in the hospital last week we didn't know for sure when Seb would be coming home. I believed most certainly it would be in time for Christmas and even Christmas Eve. I wasn't… Continue reading Thank You

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On inclusion

  I met a man this weekend at the Easter Seals Regatta that told us that having a special class for kids with intellectual disabilities in his school as a kid fundamentally changed they way he viewed people with disabilities because they were 'included' insomuch that they were there in the same halls as he… Continue reading On inclusion

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Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day

Every year I try to do something different. I've answered questions. I've shared facts, stories and photos. I've worn green and asked you to do the same. I've celebrated Sebastian and other kids like him. I've tried to create an understanding of what cerebral palsy is and what it isn't. How it affects our lives… Continue reading Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day