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'The Journey in the Destination' — Dan Eldon I have had that quote as my email signature for years. My first email password was journies, spelled incorrectly (don't worry, I don't use that anymore!). I first read Dan Eldon’s journal while still in college, just 3 or 4 years after he had died. It inspired… Continue reading Journeys

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Bicycles and Memories.

I've had a lot of time to think about what happened. After two plus days in bed one thing is certain, our bed isn't that comfortable. I wasn't being over confident. If anything just relaxed. Happy to be out in the sunshine. The freedom of a night with other adults ahead of me. I took… Continue reading Bicycles and Memories.

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June 9 will always be my brother’s birthday. 

But he will never be older than 15. Josh would be 34 today.  When we were in Michigan in May we had a little pow wow at the cemetery. It felt good.            Coincidence that I received an email last week from Bands in Town about a Bone Thugs and Harmony show in September… Continue reading June 9 will always be my brother’s birthday.