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This is the Point

The point is that this is life. This is love, and sex, and parenthood. These are relationships and this is communication, stilted and awkward as those two both can be. This is taking time to listen, and going slowly. These are four people circumnavigating disability. Two lovers, both with cerebral palsy, and the pregnant mother… Continue reading This is the Point

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‘I could meet him there.’

I've started going through my drafts and finishing them. You know those moments when there is something on your mind and you want to get it out into the world and then you run out of steam and you don't. Those thoughts tend to get buried beneath the newer ones. But here we are nearing… Continue reading ‘I could meet him there.’

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Upsee Therapy Programme and Webinar!

  I was thrilled to learn about the launch of the Upsee therapy Programme. With Sebastian at school full time and weekends spent having fun as a family, we find little time to ensure he also receives therapy. During the summer months he spends time outside in his walker and on his bike but those options aren't… Continue reading Upsee Therapy Programme and Webinar!

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The New GoTo Seat has Arrived!

The verdict is in...we love it! First, we tried it with the new floor sitter attachment in the basement play area. Tallula often wants to play with Sebastian downstairs (no ramp down for his wheelchair, even though Tallula tried to invent one)! Instead, Ali or I have to hold Sebastian so his playtime is less independent.… Continue reading The New GoTo Seat has Arrived!

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Club Members Only

On Thursday night Ali took me to the world premier of Demoltion as the opening night film for TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival). As an anniversary gift he also got a ticket plus 1 to the after party. It was a great film. I am a fan of the director's other work (Cafe de Fleur… Continue reading Club Members Only

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Switch Dice

Back in January (yes, January!) I received a switch dice (adapted for Sebastian's tray switches) from Excitim Special Needs Toys, the same folks that adapted Sebastian's Rally Racer toy. They asked us to test it out. We love board games (and card games!) and were immediately on 'board' with the trial. We chose Dr. Suess'… Continue reading Switch Dice