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Patience Required

Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your compassionate smile as my son loads onto the bus on a lift that takes his wheelchair up. He smiles down at me as we wait for the driver to get on and then roll him in. You see us smiling and it’s contagious. Thank you for… Continue reading Patience Required

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Mother’s Day Memories

On my first Mother's Day I was carrying a photo with me of Sebastian in an incubator, connected to machines, as I was waiting for the second bus that would take us to the hospital to see him. We ran into one of Ali's previous work colleagues and despite a photo in which my baby… Continue reading Mother’s Day Memories

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On inclusion

  I met a man this weekend at the Easter Seals Regatta that told us that having a special class for kids with intellectual disabilities in his school as a kid fundamentally changed they way he viewed people with disabilities because they were 'included' insomuch that they were there in the same halls as he… Continue reading On inclusion

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Boys and Swings 

   East Lynn Park, Toronto.  'Mommy, someone is is the red swing.' 'It's ok sweetheart. We can wait our turn.' I roll Sebastian over in the double chariot and stop next to the swing and Tallula scrambles off to the bouncy horse nearby.  A woman who had put her toddler in next to her baby… Continue reading Boys and Swings