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Mother’s Day Memories

On my first Mother's Day I was carrying a photo with me of Sebastian in an incubator, connected to machines, as I was waiting for the second bus that would take us to the hospital to see him. We ran into one of Ali's previous work colleagues and despite a photo in which my baby… Continue reading Mother’s Day Memories

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Throw Back Thursday: Welcome to Mamahood

This was the first time I held Sebastian. He was three days old. It was just two or three days before my first Mother's Day. I had to wait three days to hold my baby after carrying him for nine months. It didn't seem fair and quite frankly I didn't understand. But in those first… Continue reading Throw Back Thursday: Welcome to Mamahood

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Five Minute Friday: Brave

Such a big word. For my big boy. You have been asked to be brave, so many times. And without protest, you always are. From birth you faced challenge and adversity. You breathed your first breath a little too late and not without help. But you breathed it. And you are here. You have had… Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Brave