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First and last day of school. I love the confidence in the last day photo.   Sebastian graduated from 1st grade on June 25th. He attended a school which integrated therapy with academics that went from JK-G1. Some of you might recall that we kept Sebastian in his inclusive (typical and non-typical) pre-school for an extra year so that he would… Continue reading Graduation

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Recovery: in hospital

The first morning Seb woke up in hospital, my mom, Jerry, Tallula and I crowded around the computer to say good morning via Facetime. It was awesome seeing him right away. It was difficult for me not to be there, but less so with Ali by his side. I wanted to get dressed and ready… Continue reading Recovery: in hospital

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World Cerebral Palsy Day

Seems everyone in North America is sending their kids off to school today. Pictures of smiling kids dressed in new school clothes, sporting back packs, posted across Facebook. Cute and happy, shared by proud parents. There's another photo making the rounds on FB too. Sebastian's first day of school is next Monday. He will be… Continue reading World Cerebral Palsy Day

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Sebastian’s Big Day

On Sunday, May 6, Sebastian and his Papa-Daddy ran and rolled in the Toronto Marathon 5k in the Run, Walk, Wheel, Roll event which raised over $24,000 for Three to Be. Sebastian also celebrated his 4th birthday on this special day. Our friend Elisabeth and Sebastian's teacher came out to celebrate, along with one of… Continue reading Sebastian’s Big Day

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Sebastian Gets a Ukulele for his 4th Birthday!

Sebastian loves music. He loves listening and dancing to music.  He has dabbled in making his own music with shakers, bells, piano keyboards, xylophone, and even a wooden drum. He has plastic toys that light up and play music when he pushes the right buttons. He has soft toys that play music and used to… Continue reading Sebastian Gets a Ukulele for his 4th Birthday!

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Reading with Sebastian

We have been working with a CWAS (communication and writing aides) team (SLP and OT) for a few months. They have gone into Sebastian's school to evaluate him as well as worked with him in our home to decide on/try different ways to help him access communication. They've then been back to reevaluate him to… Continue reading Reading with Sebastian

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Team Seb Can Do

On Sebastian's 4th birthday, May 6, we will be celebrating by participating in the Toronto Marathon. Team Seb Can Do will be participating in the 5k Run, Walk, Wheel, Roll (RWWR) while also supporting Three to Be, a fantastic charitable foundation focused on advocacy and raising funds to support innovative research, education and therapies for… Continue reading Team Seb Can Do