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Sebastian, Epilepsy, and the Firefly Garden

When Sebastian was just two he had an ambulatory EEG. He had to have a box with a bunch of wires which were attached to his head, sit on top of his head. Although they put gauze and tape on it, it kept falling off. This was our attempt at keeping it in place.  Sebastian is… Continue reading Sebastian, Epilepsy, and the Firefly Garden

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G-Tube Chronicles: Recovery Part 2, Feeding and Side Effects

When Sebastian was a baby he cried a lot and rarely slept during the day for longer than 20 minutes at a time. The only way I could take him out in the pram was if he was already asleep. He didn't like the first carrier/wrap either, unless he was asleep. We finally found the… Continue reading G-Tube Chronicles: Recovery Part 2, Feeding and Side Effects

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Stepping into the New Year

Sebastian has been doing some pretty amazing things since the New Year started. You'd think he made resolutions and is working hard to accomplish them. Just wanted to toot his horn and share some of the fun things that have happened despite the big sickness last week. With Mama's help, Sebastian walked from room to… Continue reading Stepping into the New Year

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Two years and eight months

That's how old Sebastian was when he stopped nursing. Just last week. After two and a half years of nursing, following three months of exclusive pumping from birth, Sebastian decided himself to call it quits. Well, mostly himself. Sebastian has been nursing exclusively since he was five months old. From birth to three months he… Continue reading Two years and eight months