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Sebastian, Epilepsy, and the Firefly Garden

When Sebastian was just two he had an ambulatory EEG. He had to have a box with a bunch of wires which were attached to his head, sit on top of his head. Although they put gauze and tape on it, it kept falling off. This was our attempt at keeping it in place.  Sebastian is… Continue reading Sebastian, Epilepsy, and the Firefly Garden

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World CP Day

I've been posting all day over at Seb Can Do on Facebook for World Cerebral Palsy Day. My goal was to put them all into one post to share here. Keeping up on social media is hard! I'm exhausted after a fun day with Tallula and ali's parents and evening with Sebastian and ali joining… Continue reading World CP Day

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Oh Say What You Say

Strangers We were at a friend's birthday party recently. It was held at a party place with a bouncy castle, a ball pit, and a mini-basketball hoop game. There were things to climb on and throw. Music to make. Games to play. It was a kids dream playroom. It wasn't huge but it was well… Continue reading Oh Say What You Say

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The Week that Was

The Week that Was Sword fights with sticks and umbrellas. Laughter until your belly aches. Round and round. Arms up then down. Side to side. 'On guard!' Cousins and memories and more. Walking hand in hand. So big and so small. Swinging slowly in the shade, arms around my boy. Cousins and love and more.… Continue reading The Week that Was