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Happy 8 years to us! #tbt

Our anniversary falls on the opening weekend of tiff (Toronto International Film Festival). Each year since arriving in Toronto we've tried to catch a film or two - usually on or own so the other can watch the kid(s). This year we saw films TOGETHER: thanks to some good planning and awesome babysitters. Also, really awesome kids who… Continue reading Happy 8 years to us! #tbt

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Throwback Thursday: The Heidelberg Project

In December we took the kids and our nephew Logan to The Heidelberg Project in Detroit. Every time I visit Detroit it feels smaller. But this street feels so big. So welcoming. I watched from the car as the boys - Ali, Logan, and Seb - went through snapping photos while I nursed Tallula. Then… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: The Heidelberg Project

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Throw Back Thursday: Welcome to Mamahood

This was the first time I held Sebastian. He was three days old. It was just two or three days before my first Mother's Day. I had to wait three days to hold my baby after carrying him for nine months. It didn't seem fair and quite frankly I didn't understand. But in those first… Continue reading Throw Back Thursday: Welcome to Mamahood

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Throw Back Thursday: RWWR

When Sebastian turned fourwe celebrated his birthday running. Well, at least Ali did. Sebastian loves to go fast. And Ali went so fast he broke the stroller wheel. After crossing the finish line of course. I cheered from the side lines as I am not a runner and I was pretty pregnant with Tallula. I… Continue reading Throw Back Thursday: RWWR