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Throwback Thursday: Meeting Eve

This post was first written on May 13. Then I forgot about it before revisiting until now. I took Tallula to meet one of my heroes tonight. We sat as close as possible on the end of the row on the left side. I nursed her while waiting for our friend to join us. It… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Meeting Eve

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Dear Daughter

I want the world to appreciate you more. I want the world to respect you more. I want sons to learn that you are important. You are valuable. You are smart. You are equal. You deserve more. You deserve everything. I want you to learn that you are beautiful. I want you to appreciate and… Continue reading Dear Daughter

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International Women’s Day

It's 2010. You'd think that things have changed. They have not. Our greatest resources, women and girls, continue being raped and killed. To mark International Women's Day, Amnesty International released two reports looking at sexual violence in locations across the developed and developing world; specifically Cambodia and the Nordic Countries of Denmark, Finland, Norway and… Continue reading International Women’s Day