I used to write poetry. All the time. In the margins of books and magazines. Thoughts jotted onto paper. Words floating across blank pages and circled on pages already full.

I also used to read poetry. Sylvia Plath. Ann Sexton. Alice Walker. Mark Strand. I don’t even know who the current poets of the time are anymore. I try to catch up by reading Myslexia. I imagine myself writing again and entering a competition. Or just writing for the sake of sanity. Or writing because I enjoy the rhythm of the words and how they sound when I read them out loud or enjoy the image they create on the paper before me.

I’ve been looking back at some old poetry. It’s a little inspiring to recall the memories flooding back from those simple words. I’ve thought about taking a workshop to get my creative brain flowing again. But I’m also in the middle of planning to take a photography course. So what I really need to do is just take my journal with me more often and view the world around me in snipits and reclaim the written word.

I’ve created an index for poems written between 2001-2005. I’ve had a bit of a dry spell over the last couple of years that I hope to climb out of. Click on the categories below to take you to the pages with the full poems.

Poetry: London
Portraits of Frida
revisiting poetry.com

Poetry: UK
getting there
the perfect vase… unfinished
Snipit of a Snapshot

Poetry: Israel-Palestine
Moon Over Nazareth
Fried Cigarettes
Estranged Sweater
Sketches of Palestine

Poetry: Vietnam
Hue’s Dancing Streets
Hoi An, Corner Cafe
the view from here

Poetry: Thailand
“Colors of Phuket” Poetry Project: Red, Yellow Flash v. Superman, Green Shower; Blue Bucket, Hot Pink Champion, Brown Down, Village Rainbow,Cotton Candy Sunset
Pygmy Loris
Four-Hundred Baht Freedom
Palm Tree Waves
Bengal Tigress
Ode to the Red Bus

Poetry: Laos
pink bonnet sandwish
window shopping
Patchwork Quilt
Boys on the Mekong

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