Poetry: Laos

pink bonnet sandwish

slide bump slide bump slide
chugga chugga
speed up slow down fall back
glancing backward
greeted by a small smile
my glance reaching up
the pink bonnet girl
eyes wide smile spreads
mine flashes in return
ear to ear
an invitation
into the quiet
of your village
I go forward
You fall back
imprinted in my heart
my next breath
your smile meeting mine
over the pink bonnet of a new soul

Kara Melissa
Laos, December 2001

window shopping

bicycles and umbrellas
blue and gold
sky and sun
wind wind wind
beneath the shade
of the banyan tree
a thousand stories
secrets seldom shared
a maze of age
around over up down
the almond of a brown
glass eye
window to the roots
of your soul

bus ride to Vang Vieng, Laos
Kara Melissa
Dec. 24, 2001

Boys on the Mekong

shadow-like against the cotton candy sky
where pink and orange melt
possibly the last time
they grow into each other
creating a glow
no longer pink nor orange
how do you describe
two colors merging to become one?
reflecting on the Mekong
a twisting puzzle piece inside of blue
my thoughts floating to you
black silhouettes of childhood
dance on the horizon
pesky mosquitoes
fight above our heads
round and round
buzzing inside our thoughts
the memories we create
this moment
with them
glancing gazing
at the shadowbox figures
grooving on the Mekong

Kara Melissa
Vientiane, Laos
December 2001 revisited March 23, 2003

Patchwork Quilt

green brown
soft eyes all around
cabbage patch
smooth wooden crown
stilted houses
two stories high
deeper foundations
thick with remnants
of tales of past
and present

Kara Melissa
Laos, road to Vang Vien, December 2001
revisited March 23, 2003


2 thoughts on “Poetry: Laos”

    1. That would be awesome. If only the funds were there I would! I have after in do taught with in BKK that now loves and teachers in Vientiane. Let me know if you need anything or want her contact.


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