Poetry: Vietnam

Hue’s Dancing Streets

Zig zag through the streets
Pedaling on the wings of a Pegasus
through the sea of stars
Bright lights flash towards me
I swim around them
as they dodge me simultaneously
Left Right Either way it goes
Heart beats
up through my throat
Stomach busy with butterflies
Chatting with each other
about my last brush
with the devil
Swallowed my soul
as it jumped through my throat
Took it back inside me
for another ride
Perchance a meeting with death
but today was not my turn

4 July 2004
revisited 20 October 2004

Hoi An, Corner Cafe

two by two
here we go

you be the pedals
and I’ll be your handlebars

side by side
we ride and ride

smiles shaded by hats
too big for our heads

white as snow
something we may never know

one two one two
which way do we go

this way that way
either way we go

and ride happy

-girls on bicycles in Hoi An

4 July 2004
revisited 20 October 2004


Indigo dancing
on the fingertips of
daughters mothers
Silver moons
stretch to the stars
of their midnight sky
Bangles wrapped around
the arm that reaches
towards the sun
the length of their waist
Memories spun atop the mind
wrapped in an indigo secret
Smiles glitter with gold
Blankets of rainbows
surrounded by curious angels

Butterflies dancing
above our thoughts
landing on our shoulders
Bringing happiness
with the kisses
on our salty necks

June 30, 2004
revisited October 20, 2004

the view from here

poetry trickles
from the tongues of lovers
trees breeze by
in a memory of shade
coconuts climb
on top of each other
childhood screams
in the background
toothless smiles
create happiness lines
ages of wisdom
in a mirror of curiosity

Kara Melissa
Hoi An, Vietnam
4 July 2004
revisited 20 October 2004


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