I am a writer.

This past year I have written less on my blog and spent more time working on articles/blogs for publication elsewhere. This is something that I want to keep doing so am shifting my focus from my personal blog at the moment.

Here’s the current list.

NEW Today’s Parent: Every kid needs to experience Wonder, then have this talk  My most recent piece published on Today’s Parent.

NEW  The Mighty : Please Be Patient as My Son With a Disability Gets in His School Bus.  First published on my blog as Patience Required.

Today’s Parent: Doctor, don’t tell me I can do better for my kid with cerebral palsy (or my first, much shorter title: ‘Do Better’)

Bloom: Parenting Kids with Disabilities Holland Bloorview Blog – I’ve done two interviews with Louise at Bloom and written two articles.

Family’s residency in limbo over son’s cerebral palsy

Flight ban is discriminatory says Toronto mom

Taking steps together, with ‘Upsee’

How one family’s dream of a service dog came true

Firefly Special Needs Community:

Getting Ready for Ewok

Two Kids, Two Schools

Riding the Bus

Football and Friendship

Battle Scars and Bellies

Through the Lens

Around the World with Sebastian: Travelling with a child with Cerebral Palsy

Relationship Advice Part 2 of 3: To parents dealing with a new Cerebral Palsy diagnosis

Seb’s GoTo Adventure

*Since arriving in Toronto almost 7 years ago I’ve taken a few classes/workshops with Firefly Creative Writing. Here are some of my earlier memoir projects with them that I wanted to put out into the world.*


The Big Yellow House

Two Hands, One Loaf

Food and Sebastian

Climbing Mt. Kinabalu

The Magic of Monkeys

I used to write poetry too.

Over the past two years, each November, I’ve joined up with NANOWRIMO – National Novel Writing Month, to take on the challenge of write 50,000 words and each year I’VE DONE IT! It’s been a major accomplishment for me, but has also left me with 2 unfinished manuscripts. This summer I’m taking a writing retreat with Firefly and hoping to work towards finishing one of them, or at the very least making some serious progress.

I also spend time sharing about Sebastian (my son with cerebral palsy) here but I’m passing it over to him now as he’s 9 and he wants to choose what he shares and doesn’t share and I think that’s a super idea.

Publishing children’s books has also been a dream of mine and this year I submitted my first manuscript, Jelly and Friends: Waterhole Rescue, TWICE! I’m still waiting to hear back from the second publisher as the first was a no go. I will keep on sending it out until I find Jelly a good home so the rest of the world can read about a giraffe with wobbly legs and his faithful friend, a grumpy elephant named Rufus, AND the adventures the get up to.


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