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Book Project

Conversations with My Son

My teenage son and I are working together on a book. S has cerebral palsy and communicates differently. The book consists of prose descriptions from my perspective, which fill in the blanks created by the yes/no questions and responses that follow from interviews and conversations between myself and him, as well as other important people in his life, such as his sister, caregivers, and his other parent (you bet, there’s a story or two there…). 

Themes of adolescence, communication, family, love, inclusion/exclusion, health, friendship, and various challenges and successes about navigating life as a teenager with a physical disability are covered. This project fills a niche that has not been filled previously, providing the perspective of both the parent and the disabled child. 

The first 12 pages have been published in the Tampa Review as a part of the AWP Intro Journals Project Awards. A recording of me reading from this project for AWP can be found here. If you are an agent or publisher and would like more information, please contact me for a sample of my writing from this project.

Kara Melissa walking through a dessert with her baby on her back
"We tell ourselves stories in order to live.”
Joan Didion