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A couple of years ago I found myself in a position where I needed to (and was able to!) return to school. I had always wanted an MFA in Creative Writing, but I was afraid that if I took that leap, I wouldn’t be able to find a job that would allow me to be fully autonomous again. When I was talking to my daughter about returning to school, and the different ideas I had (teacher, child advocate, disability studies, etc.) she said 
“But Mom, I thought you wanted to be a writer?” 
She was right. I did. And I am. In Dec 2019, just before the pandemic hit, I attended my first MFA Residency with Antioch Los Angelos. Sun, palm trees, ocean, sand, and many new friends, I embarked on a two year journey (during a pandemic) that got me to where I am today. 
A writer. A mom. And an MFA graduate.
Kara Melissa in graduation cap and gown

Antioch University Los Angeles

Afternoon Reading with Kara Melissa Sharp

For my graduation reading I read a piece that incorporated sections from three different essays to illuminate the diversity in my work. Reading is approximately 10 minutes long. Thanks for spending time with me and my writing!

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
Maya Angelou