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The Blogger in Me

I was an avid blogger from 2003 until 2017. I wrote about my travels, art, writing, music, activism, and eventually, parenting. Specifically, parenting a child with a disability; and eventually, parenting two kids, one disabled and one able-bodied. 

As my children grew older, more independent and in control of what was shared about them online, I wrote less and less about them and eventually stopped posting all together. 

The blog had started as a way to express myself creatively and to document my travels while teaching “overseas.” When my son was born, it became a way to connect with family and friends all over the world, and eventually to a community of families similar to ours. 

With the arrival of social media, blogging became less about connecting with others and more about writing. And I wanted to write elsewhere. 

So, I’ve retired my blog, Free As Trees

At some point I will blog again, but for workshop or book project updates. I’ll also choose a dozen or so “must read posts” from my archives and link to those in the gallery.

If you’d like to know when things are set in motion, please sign up below for updates!