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Eye Gaze: The Trial(s) and Tribulations 

For two weeks this summer Sebastian had another eye gaze trial with the Tobii/Dynavox I-12. This was his third extended¬†trial with the device and he used it once a week at school the previous year. At school they focussed on games which worked on building eye gaze skills like targeting, timing and accuracy. I asked… Continue reading Eye Gaze: The Trial(s) and Tribulations¬†

Books, Cerebral Palsy, communication, Literacy, Our Son, Parenthood, Photos, Sebastian's Achievements, Toronto

Reading with Sebastian

We have been working with a CWAS (communication and writing aides) team (SLP and OT) for a few months. They have gone into Sebastian's school to evaluate him as well as worked with him in our home to decide on/try different ways to help him access communication. They've then been back to reevaluate him to… Continue reading Reading with Sebastian