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Patience Required

Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your compassionate smile as my son loads onto the bus on a lift that takes his wheelchair up. He smiles down at me as we wait for the driver to get on and then roll him in. You see us smiling and it’s contagious. Thank you for… Continue reading Patience Required

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Sunglasses and Glue

I know that scars are supposed to be ‘cool’. Remember Luke Perry and his tiny scar over his eyebrow that really just ended up being a bowling accident or something of the like? We all thought he was such a dreamy ‘bad boy.’ I know that it could have been much worse. And that for… Continue reading Sunglasses and Glue

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‘I could meet him there.’

I've started going through my drafts and finishing them. You know those moments when there is something on your mind and you want to get it out into the world and then you run out of steam and you don't. Those thoughts tend to get buried beneath the newer ones. But here we are nearing… Continue reading ‘I could meet him there.’

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Day of firsts.

Sebastian's first day of first grade coincided with his first ride on a school bus. He was so excited. I was so nervous (about the bus). We snapped photos in the morning sunshine while waiting. And waiting. And waiting. We watched families snap photos on their porches and then walk their kids to the school… Continue reading Day of firsts.

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Getting ready.

Sebastian sporting his new glasses. For the past 3 nights Sebastian has woken up around 1.30/2am. He has a drink of water, burps, and falls back to sleep. I wonder if he has anxiety dreams like I do about the first day of school. I used to have them every year a week before my… Continue reading Getting ready.